Awe & Wonder

I think that we often have an incomplete picture of what worship is. For us, worship is activity: singing, dancing, speaking, etc.

But have you ever stood before a great mountain or waterfall? What did you feel then? Maybe like me you felt small and powerless in the presence of that enormous wonder. Maybe you were able to enjoy the moment with a great amount of respect and wonder and only stand still, look and listen.

Awe and wonder are the heart of Christian worship - that we realize we are standing before a great God, that He loves us and wants to forgive us, that we could never earn His love but that it overcomes us as we surrender our pride. And then we respond to that awe and wonder, sometimes by singing and dancing, sometimes by being quiet and listening. But worship doesn't begin with activity. It begins under the waterfall of God's goodness and love and grace.


When was the last time you stood beneath that waterfall?

- Chris Green

Chris Green