This Stops Here and Now

January is going to be all about preparation. 

God teaches us through His Word that how we give and what we give show the condition of our hearts. Through giving I show God what actually has the highest priority in my heart. God also teaches us that everything that has priority deserves the best place. Furthermore, we see throughout the Bible that a special kind of blessing rests upon those who prioritize the things that God values. This applies of course to every area of our lives. 

this stops here and now.jpg

So what has any of this to do with January 2018? Life is busy and filled with so many appointments, responsibilities, dreams etc. Before we know it, another year will have passed us by. Imagine for a moment that together we said, “No, this stops here and now. We don’t want 2018 to be like all the other years before. God deserves so much more from me than busyness and excuses and I want to see more of God in my everyday life.” 

How powerful would that be? 

That is exactly what I invite you to do.

We are going to give the month of January back to the God who has given us every day of our lives. We want to set apart the first month of 2018 and thereby declare, “Lord, you are the God of all my days!”

- Chris Green

Chris Green