april 2019

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A people of Renewal

April 11, 2019 by Chris Green

Jesus’ ministry was a ministry of renewal. Broken lives were renewed. Sick bodies were renewed. Thought patterns were renewed. Identities were renewed. Hope was renewed. No one was too broken, too lost or too dead to be renewed by him. 
Soup Sunday
This Sunday, 14 April, after service, its our Soup Sunday. We are really looking forward to it! At the moment we still need two people to sign up to make soup and one person to make a salad. If you are able to do this, please reply to this email to let us know. And please bring your own soup ladle! Oase Bergen will provide the bread and drinks.

There are at least 10 people in your life that are not believers. 10 people who are not in your life by accident. In the next two weeks leading up to Easter, we are each of us going to pray that the Lord would reveal the names of those 10 people to us. On Easter Sunday we are going to gather together, we are going to write those names down on individual pieces of paper, fold them and lay those names on the ground in the middle. We are going to bless each other and send each other out on mission to those 10 people. We’re not talking about evangelisation as we traditionally understand it. Our mission will be a mission of pray, fasting, serving and involving ourselves in the lives of those 10 people, over the course of the next year. And as impossible as it may seem, as big as that might feel, we’re going to believe that the same Spirit that did the impossible thing by raising Christ from the dead, that did the impossible thing by bringing new life to you, is going to bring new life to those people during the course of this next year. We'll talk more about it on Easter. Also you can listen to the sermon from this past Sunday for more information.
Weekly Podcast
That's right, the Weekly Podcast is back!

There's no good excuse for the radio silence of the past few months. But starting this week the podcast will be posted every week. And just to prove that we're serious about it, we've posted two episodes online to get this new season off to a good start!