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What are you looking for?

Oase is a bilingual, Christian church committed to becoming a community of authentic relationships, personal renewal and that is meaningful for society. 

What you can expect at a service

When you're at one of our gatherings, we hope you feel welcomed, included, and at peace. Each week, the people of Oase gather to worship God and hear relevant teaching from the Bible together.
Though we like to change things up from time to time, generally this is what you can expect. We spend 30 – 35 minutes in Spirit-led worship through singing and listening to God (we love our band). Because we believe God speaks in many ways, we often create room for people to spontaneously pray or share something that is on their heart. Then we continue our time together listening to a 30 – 35 minute teaching from the Bible. In the beginning and at the end of our service we invite you to stay, meet some new people and enjoy the coffee and cakes.
See a preview of one of our recent gatherings:

How is Oase bilingual?

Bergen is an international village and so is our community of faith. At last count we have 8 different languages represented regularly, English often being the common language among us. By committing to provide everything in both Dutch and English, we're able to facilitate new relationships forming across language barriers. Also, once a month, the preaching is done in English. The other weeks, Dutch is the main language spoken.

What do I do if I don’t understand Dutch?
We want you to be able to engage in the gathering, no matter what language is being spoken. We provide English translation for our gatherings discretely via our smartphone app. All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone (available for Apple and Android devices), pop in your headphones and tap “Tune In”. The live translation stream should start immediately. Didn’t bring headphones with you? No problem! We’ve got a complementary set for you at the Welcome Table.

Services every Sunday at 10:30am

Open for everyone. Loudelsweg 14a, Bergen (PCC Bergen)

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