Oase Bergen

English Community

Living in another country is an adventure. Being able to share that adventure with others is priceless.


Bi-lingual gatherings

No gatherings during the summer break. We start again on September 2 at 10:30am! 

Loudelsweg 14a, Bergen (PCC Bergen)



Bergen is an international village and so is our community of faith. For that reason, our Sunday gatherings are in both Dutch and English. That means music, kids ministry, preaching, handouts... everything. 

Most of the preaching and announcements are done in Dutch (though English guest speakers come through often). In those gatherings, live English translation is provided subtly and conveniently through a smartphone app. Just download it, plug in your headphones and engage in the gathering without missing a beat.

Don't have headphones or a smartphone with you that Sunday? Don't worry. We've got you covered.


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We have smaller groups of English speakers that get together outside of the Sunday gatherings. Interested? Check out our groups page here or contact us directly.


Sunday Recap

In our gatherings, live translation is provided via our smartphone app. This has done wonders is crossing the language barrier for our English speaking community, allowing everyone to engage in the Word of God together. For those who missed the gathering or want to listen to the message again, our Lead Pastor, Chris Green, does a weekly recap in English. You can listen to it every week on our Media page.