may 3, 2019

Oasis Makers Newsletter

Kings Day Success!
Last Saturday Oase participated for the first time in the Kings Day market. Our vision, under the coordination of Mieke Johnson, was to sell as much as we could and to give the money away to a good, local cause. De Zonnebloem quickly rose to the top of our list as they facilitate activities for and visits to those who are physically handicapped in some way.  So we asked the people of Oase to donate items to sell at the market and to volunteer some time on the day itself to help sell. More donated items came in than what we had expected. This also meant that we were able to raise more for De Zonnebloem than we expected: €309,30 in total! Thank you to all who donated items and who stood out in the cold and rain on Kings Day, especially to Mieke, Christiaan and Caitlin Johnson who put in much time and effort to make this happen! Make sure you check out the pictures at the bottom of the page!
Missionary Family the Baks
This past Sunday we were privileged to host missionaries to Romania, Jeroen and Marieke Baks. We are delighted to partner with this committed and inspiring family and their work among "the least of these" in Romania. Though we gave our Sunday offering to them, we want to once again give you the opportunity to send them a financial gift. You can do that by making a bank transfer to Stichting Vrienden van de Oase, NL14 INGB 0009475795 with the description "Project Romania".  We will be sending our first donation on May 9. If you would like your gift to be included in this first donation, please send it before the end of the day on May 8. After that, we will keep that project open on our books, allowing you at anytime throughout the year to support this beautiful family and their ministry. 

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