What does it look like to come together in a 1.5-metre society?

These days are not what we expected. The 1.5 meter society is here and who can say when it will definitively be behind us?
We are now 2 months further and even though we hope for a return to the "old normal", we are in a new situation. That will be our "new normal" for the time being. 
 The sooner we accept it the better it will be for us. The biggest question now is: "Is your God big enough to withstand a 1.5 meter society?" Our generation will not look to heaven to answer this question. They will look to His church for the answer, to His representatives, His witnesses on earth.
As Christians, we believe that our Father will not forsake us, that He will always take care of us. But what about His church? Is there a place for the " gathering of believers " at a time when we are advised to avoid larger gatherings? Is there enough room to be together in the 1.5 meter society, both literally and figuratively? 
I believe there is. What follows is a proposal; what that could look like for the Oase Bergen congregation.